Sunday, November 04, 2007

US Foster Care Article

Article: For foster-care kids, adoption remains elusive

How disheartening to see the number of children in our country (US) who are looking for a home. There are 114,000 children available for adoption through the foster care system.

Many people have asked me why we chose to adopt from Korea instead of domestically. After I get over the knee jerk reaction of wondering why it's their business, I generally answer that, for me, it was simple. I was adopted from Korea and that’s really where my heart was.

However, I will admit that that there was also that underlying fear that there was that possibility of holding a child and having the birth parents change their minds. Unfortunately, the images that stay in my mind are of children being removed from homes after years…I know they are rare, but it’s a lasting image.

I have always believed that the foster care system requires massive overhaul and (from the sound of it) an image makeover as well.

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