Monday, November 12, 2007


My sister and her boyfriend came for a visit awhile ago. I think I’ve mentioned before that my son worships the ground that she walks on. That certainly hasn’t changed. My husband and my sister’s boyfriend stayed home to yell at the television (football) while I took my parents, sister and son to visit Trader Joe’s. We needed to get some things for dinner and my parents wanted to pick up some things to take home.

My son took my sister’s hand and led her all around the store. She was very patient and I don’t think she was able to see everything that she wanted to see. I watched them and realized that there was a bond there that was special. My sister, who was never very interested in children, will pretty much let my son call all the shots. My son will quote his Aunt C as if she is the fountain of all wisdom.

It made me think about bonds in general. When I read about attachment issues, I am thankful that I did not experience attachment problems (with myself or my son). Bonds are something that I think a lot of people take for granted. There are no guarantees of bonding – not for biological or adoptive families.

Despite the fact that I haven’t needed to read about attachment, I still find that it is helpful for me to read about it. There is one blogger that I really enjoy reading. She is down to earth and full of interesting life experiences.

Link: Attachment

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