Monday, August 07, 2006

Cookie Monster Isn’t Always A Good Role Model

Did I get your attention? Don’t get me wrong…I love Sesame Street, but currently Cookie Monster is banned from our house.

A few months ago, my husband started playing games on with my son. Even though my son doesn’t understand all the games, they have a blast. There is one game where Cookie Monster is learning how to count in Spanish. We’ve joked that my son will be able to count in Spanish before he can count in English.

I was not expecting him to mimic Cookie Monster’s eating habits. We were sitting in a restaurant this week-end. He ordered spaghetti. Before I knew what had happened, he picked up the spaghetti with both hands and started shoving it in his mouth. Pieces of spaghetti were flying everywhere. “What are you doing?” I asked him. “Like Cookie Monster,” he told me.

So far, it’s only spaghetti that inspires my son to be like Cookie Monster, but we’ve decided to limit our exposure for awhile.

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MomSquared said...

oh dear!

I can definitely see why the cookie monster would be banned!!