Monday, May 04, 2009

Book Report - Ten Days and Nine Nights

Ten Days and Nine Nights: An Adoption Story, by Yumi Heo

This is the second book about adoption that I’ve read by a Korean non-adoptee. The first one was Marie Lee’s “Somebody’s Daughter.”

My favorite part of this book was the pictures. When I was growing up, it was so hard for my parents to find me things with Asian faces (books, dolls, etc…) and I am always pleased when I find something new for my son. This one not only has Asian faces (front and center), but it happens to be about a little girl waiting for her new sibling to come from Korea.

The book is a countdown and takes you through ten days and nine nights of waiting. Anyone who has been through the adoption process knows that waiting is the word of the day. I enjoyed it, but because it is a picture book there isn’t a lot of explanation to the pages. I didn’t give my son a heads up when I started reading it and he was pretty confused at first. When we got to the end, he realized that the little girl was waiting just like he is waiting and he really enjoyed it the second time through. Long story short, you might want to tell your child what it is about before you read it.

Thank you to Jessica for sending me the book.


Daisy said...

Thank you for this book report! We are waiting for a our second child and this sounds like a great book to share with big brother.

On another note, how far along are you with your second adoption?

Mo said...

We are in the waiting phase. We are done with all the paperwork, fingerprinting, etc...