Sunday, August 17, 2008

With or Without Sauerkraut

We attended the local German Festival again this year. It was during the height of summer, so I'm obviously late with this post. We weren’t able to make it last year. For me, the food is the draw. I love spaetzel and sauerkraut. For my son, the draw is the food (plus hotdogs and minus the sauerkraut) and the music. We went up on the stage, he sat on my lap and he watched the German dancers do their thing. He didn’t move a muscle. He wouldn’t go dance with the other kids, but he promised me that he would next year.

In Disney World, one of his favorite memories is of the German band at the German restaurant. My father's family has a lot of German in their family tree, but I can't figure out what the draw is. I suppose that when I can figure out how the child's mind works...I'll make a fortune. Of course, he also liked the Moroccan belly dancer...OMG testosterone in a five year old.

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