Sunday, August 17, 2008

Adoption Agency Picnic

We attended our adoption agency picnic this week-end. The turnout was disappointing this year. It’s usually packed. I’m not sure if they got caught in the summer vacation season, but there were a lot less people this year than there was last year.

My husband’s parents came with us and my son had a blast. They had a snow cone maker and a bounce house. So, my very blue-tongued child bounced his heart out. Because of the low turn out, he didn’t have to compete with a lot of children and he had his grandparent’s undivided attention.

I know I’ve talked about it before, but I noticed once again that there seems to be a general age limit when it comes to these events. Families with adopted children are gung-ho participants in these events when their children are babies through kindergarten and then one by one they disappear. My mother says that it was the same for them. Though they ran an adoption group and, thus, stayed in the system longer than normal, eventually all of my events and schedules made it too difficult to continue.

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AZMom said...

We went to the Autumn Moon Festival that is held by our FCC a week ago. I mentioned to my husband that our daughter (almost 9) was one of the oldest adoptees there. There were a lot of babies and toddlers but only a handful of school age kids. Our adoption group out here is actively trying to encourage parents with older kids to participate. You are right though, extra curricular activities do seem to be the big cause. Hopefully that will change with the efforts we are making.