Saturday, June 02, 2007

Adoptee Rights

Though this isn’t really specific to Korean adoptees, it is still an important subject for everyone touched by adoption. Though I’ve mentioned in the past that I have not had an urge to search out my birth parents, I saw this post on the Transracial Korean Adoptee Nexus and thought that I would share.

The fact that there is a call for a national protest for adoptee rights is interesting to me. It’s a sign that adoptees and their supporters are gaining a voice. You watch how groups start (whether they are supporting the environment, animal rights, civil rights…) and you see that at first there are just a few people, then a dozen, then one hundred, etc… until there is a group large enough that their whisper becomes a roar.

I walk in odd place when it comes to adoptee rights. I find that I am equally sensitive to the rights of each member of the triad (adoptees, birth parents and adoptive parents). There is no way that any member of the triad will get everything that they want without trampling on the rights of one of the other groups. It’s one of those issues that are so full of grays that I suspect people will be hashing it out for many many decades to come.

I have only one place in the adoptee rights that I refuse to bend. When the birth parents are a known entity, I think that it is an adoptee’s right to have a medical history and it is the birth parents’ responsibility to make sure their child has one.

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Gershom said...

i realize i'm a bit late on this but wanted to thank you for speaking on this.