Saturday, December 16, 2006

Fitting Korea Into My Holiday

So, I’m sitting here at my computer wondering where Korea fits into my holiday. The truth is that it really never has. This season has always been a fast paced time full of music, parties, presents and food. I’ve flown from one thing to the next and I’ve been firmly in the here and now…I rarely stop to contemplate what was or what could be.

Other than the Korean police car that we bought my son at our adoption agency party, what do I have that represents where we came from? Nothing – zip, zero, zilch. I planned no Korean foods into the menus. I bought no Korean toys for the stocking. I have no Korean Christmas stories to read on Christmas Eve. Why is that?

It was really my mother-in-law that made feel a little guilty about that. At the adoption agency party, she bought a whole bunch of coloring books and reading books for my nieces and nephew. “They should know where he (my son) comes from,” she said. It made me realize how easily I could add little bits of Korea to the holidays.

I’ve always been reluctant to break traditions and “force” Korea down other people’s throats. ‘Tis the season…and perhaps I need to think a little harder about subtle ways to make people understand who we are. What harm does a coloring book do or a piece of Korean candy for the stocking?

I’m not saying that I am Korean. I really don’t believe that. However, I am of Korea and so is my son. Though I don’t claim the culture as mine, I do claim the birth place and it is always interesting to know where you came from.

Happy Holidays to everyone…I hope that the celebrations are spectacular, how ever you choose to celebrate.

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Cynthia said...

Great ideas! I plan to purchase the Korean Barbie for my niece's birthday next year. I'll have to keep my eyes pealed for Korean items for next year's stockings and birthday!