Monday, July 31, 2006

When Children Rule The World

Sometimes, I dislike being an adult. When you’re young, the world is less complicated because you let it be less complicated. Adults are always adding extra twists and turns so that it’s impossible to simply backtrack.

My husband and I were having a “heated discussion” about politics the other day. The funny part about the whole conversation is that we were ultimately on the same side of the fence, but the way we were viewing the situation was so different that we couldn’t come to a consensus. My argument was that his solution was too simple. I kept telling him that his plan was great in the ideal world, but that in the real world it was impractical and (quite frankly) stupid. Admittedly, my attitude was doing nothing to fan the flames of compromise.

Can you imagine what the world would be like if children ruled the world? Okay, once again reality would bespeak mass chaos – but if you just look at it from the simple vs. complicated approach, what would the world look like? The adult part of me says that “Peace on Earth” will never happen because of the complexities of human nature. The child part of me says everyone can get a long if they wanted to – it’s simple.

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