Monday, June 05, 2006

How Does Food Define Me?

I was reading an article that mentioned that kimchi defined “Korean-ness” and I started wondering how food defines who I am. Food does seem to play an important part in culture. When you think of Italy, you think pasta…when you think of Great Britain, you think fish and chips…

As I was making my way through the food line at the Korean picnic we attended last week-end, I realized that I looked down right picky. I don’t think I’m picky, but I don’t eat beef or pork so I’m always extra careful about trying an unknown. I’m not a vegetarian. I just have some issues.

I gave up pork when I was younger. Our neighborhood had a pig roast and that was the first time I put together the “oink oink” pig and the bacon that I liked to eat for breakfast. I saw them raise that pig out of the pit and I was off pork for life.

Beef came a little later. I was never very fond of it, but I did like hamburgers. However, I can’t handle raw meat of any form. One day I bit into a hamburger in college and it was red and squishy. Right there and then I decided that I was done with beef and I haven’t looked back yet.

I still eat chicken and fish, though. I’m afraid I can’t eat chicken if it still has bones and I have a lot of trouble if I see it in its raw state first. Fish, I have yet to have a problem with, but who knows what will happen in the future.

Okay, so looking back over this post, I have to say that I sound awfully picky…but really, I’m willing to try anything (as long as beef, pork or bones are not involved). I love ethnic foods – Korean, Chinese, French, Italian, Thai, … I like spicy foods and simple foods. I like grilled foods, baked foods or fried foods. I am always game for a new recipe, a new type of vegetable or whatever comes my way.

So, I think that if I let me define myself by the food I eat, I’m a slightly neurotic connoisseur of food. After all, I also having trouble eating little round chocolate candies right after I see them talking on television.

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foodie2 said...

I am the same way. Stopped pork first, then beef (mainly b/c I loved cheeseburgers) and then came chicken on the bone. So now I am done to only white meat chicken and fish. Mainly eat sushi - can't handle cooked fish. It's just too fishy?! And...I don't think I am picky either :P