Saturday, October 25, 2008

Return From The Land of the Mouse

We have returned from our trip to Disney World and fun was had by all. However, with our return has come the realization that I still have a lot left to do to complete our adoption application. Prior to the trip, I was having a lot of trouble concentrating on anything except the trip.

To my horror, I’ve realized that all of the people we asked to do references have returned their letters and the agency hasn’t received any part of the packet from us yet. I have quite a bit done, but not enough. I haven’t procrastinated this badly since I was in college and avoiding the thought of the next big exam. I was so organized the first time and I can’t even claim partial organization now.

My friend who has three children says that this is normal. She said she prepared for her first, never got completely organized for the second and the third was hopeless. I suspect that most of it stems from the fact that you have less time once you have a child in your home that needs your undivided attention.

For those of you going through the process for the first time, do as I say and not what I do (or something like that). It made me feel better to be organized and send things as I could. Once I sent it, I felt like I was accomplishing something. I made checklists, I scanned everything (for just in case) and my life was much calmer.

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Melissa said...

Your friend is completely right. The paperwork for our first adoption was pretty smooth, and even though I am not a terribly organized person, it went well. For the second adoption, it was chaos. It felt so hodge-podge that I am amazed that it came together at all. But it all somehow does.

I hope that your process for child #2 goes quickly!