Thursday, September 18, 2008

I'm Thinking

I've been without adoption thoughts for awhile, but I thought I'd check in. September was full of surprises. Because of his birthday, we weren't planning to put my son in Kindergarten this year. His daycare/pre-school informed us three days before school started that he was ready and they could get a waiver. So, I had three days to adjust to my son going to Kindergarten (private). We think that we're going to send him through Kindergarten again next year (in the public schools) because of his age and size. We had a surprise party for my father-in-law and now I've realized that "SURPRISE" my husband is leaving for a one week seminar in two weeks and we're leaving for Disney World in three weeks. How could this have happened? Where did my summer go?

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Trisha Kelsey said...

Chae is in Kindergarten too. Where has the time gone?!? We are thinking that we will start the process again in the spring?summer of 09. :)