Sunday, February 10, 2008


On one of the message boards, someone was asking about bonding activities. The parent was saying that she didn’t feel like she was bonding because her new child was so active. Everyone who responded had good suggestions – peek-a-boo, swimming, etc…

My son was younger when he arrived and he wasn’t mobile. I carried him around in my sling a lot, so I didn’t have the bonding problems, but I still tried to do things where we were together. So, I danced. It’s pretty funny since I have two left feet and no rhythm, but we danced and danced. Sometimes he was in my sling and sometimes I just held him, but we danced. I turned on the music. We swayed, twirled and dipped.

It was perfect for everyone. My very active boy thought it was an excellent game and it was something that we could do together. There was much laughter and smiles. It wasn’t bad exercise either. Hey, it was a two in one.


Mommavia said...

Dancing is even more fun with a 3 year old! I too danced with Jack when we brought him home and now we push play on the iPod and dance away!

abc123vn said...

What a great idea! Wonderful!