Sunday, December 16, 2007

Preliminary Application

It’s done and I’m still breathing normally. I completed our preliminary application and submitted it over the web. We have officially started the process for our second child.

Now, I have only a few issues to worry about. First, the process has already slowed down quite a bit in 2007 because of the new laws in Korea. Second, the newest news stories have not been showing the adoption process in the best of lights. Finally, I still have to worry about cutting costs in our household to make sure we have the money by the time the referral comes.

We had not planned to submit our preliminary application this early. We had actually planned to do it towards the end of 2008. However, when we asked at our adoption agencies holiday party, they suggested that we do it now. That’s how much slower the process is taking right now.

So, while there is a certain amount of excitement behind this step. I have resigned myself to a long wait.


Felice Luftschein said...

Great news!

2 kids? Now you'll be as tired as we are! Enjoy sleep, as it is, while you can!

Mommavia said...

Congrats! I am shocked too at how much slower the process is.