Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Naturally Black Hair

Okay, I admit it. I put some subtle brown highlights in my hair. My natural color is very black and I wanted a little variation. My sister went through a period of time where her hair was almost blond. Recently, she dyed it a very dark brown (with a few highlights) to bring it closer to her natural color.

Just in case you are wondering, my sister and I did not highlight our hair because of a desire to look more White or because I have been brainwashed by my adoptive parents. First of all, I know more ethnic Koreans with dyed hair than Korean adoptees with dyed hair. Second, my sister did it because she’s stylish and it looked really good on her. I did it because I told my husband that I wanted people to get used to me with a slightly lighter shade when I have to dye out the gray (though it hasn’t happened yet).

You notice that I said my sister dyed her hair dark brown (not black). I have yet to see a good “black” hair dye. Generally, when people dye their hair black they look like an escapee from Elvira’s beauty school. Black dye tends to look unnatural and dull. I really think that people should leave “black” hair to the people who are born with it.

Just so you know, this random rant came about because one of my son’s teachers dyed her hair black. I’m just not impressed.

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Mommavia said...

A woman I worked with dyed her brown hair black and it was NOT a good look for her. Her hair was pretty thin so you could see her pale scalp, which made the hair look even more Elvira-like! I agree, leave black hair for those who were born with it!