Friday, July 06, 2007

Celebrating in July

For me, Independence Day is all about family. In my family, the 4th of July is all about fireworks and apple pie (literally). Everyone comes to my parents’ house on the 3rd to watch the fireworks (because we can see them from their back yard) and then everyone stays for dessert. On the 4th, everyone goes to a pond on family property for a big picnic – potato salad, hotdogs and brownies. It’s tradition. I like traditions.

A lot of people see the 4th of July as another day that they get off of work. The part of my brain that carries all of the facts that my History major provided remembers exactly what the day means to the country. I believe in it. The more personal part of my brain will always see it as a time for family.

It occurred to me while I was watching the fireworks that in South Korea, July 4th is just another day…just like July 17th is just another day in the United States. In Korea, July 17th is Constitution Day – a day to celebrate the creation of their constitution. I don’t celebrate the Korean holidays (as a general rule) and I took constitutional law courses in college, so I’m not in a huge hurry to read another one. I do, however, always feel a compulsion to let everyone know that I am aware that it exists.

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