Friday, December 29, 2006

What Did I Do In 2006?

This year has really been a wonderful year (a little hectic), but wonderful. I have done more this year than I ever have been before. I have been proactive. I have learned more about Korea in the last ten months than I have in the thirty years before.

Someone asked me if all the new information that I learned about Korea and all of the web reading I’ve been doing has changed my perspective. It has and it hasn’t. I have learned to be a little more cognizant of the negative aspects of Korean adoption, but I see the positives in my life. I have recognized that there are Korean adoptees out there that are very anti-adoption, but I still stand firm that they don’t speak for me. I find Korean culture fascinating, but I do not regret the loss of the Korean culture in my life because I still do not feel that it is mine.

So, in 2006, I did learn. I learned new things and learned about other people’s perspectives. I also learned how strong I am and how comfortable I am with the person that I’ve come to be. Being a Korean adoptee does not define me, but it has enhanced me. It has given me an opportunity to share in many cultures and it guided me to my son.

Looking forward into the new year, I hope that I continue to learn and explore. I plan to write both on this blog and my other blog. I hope to grow. I plan to watch my son experience the world. I plan to revel in the fact that I can look back on 2006 without regrets and that I can welcome 2007 without fear.

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Third Mom said...

Mo, Happy New Year! I hope your holidays were wonderful, and that 2007 is off to a good start!