Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Remembering Racisim

I have written for awhile and I apologize. I have written more often on my other blog ( if you would like to check that out. Anyhow, I was thinking about racism again today. Actually, I was really dreading the first time that my son will face racism.

When you are younger, racism is just bewildering. There is no good way to describe it and no real description that I can give. I had nothing in my limited life experience to help guide me through it. A lot of things like that happen when you are in the process of learning about life in general, but racism was irrational. It was something to learn and no one could really adequately explain to me why. I didn’t understand that all answers were not black and white. I wanted black and white.

Now, my parents did their best to prepare me for it so that helped. It didn’t blindside me the first time it happened, but learning about it and experiencing it was a whole different thing. Someone told me how lucky my son was that he had a mother who had walked before him…I could share my experience with him.

The only problem is, I can’t quite put it into words (as you can see). I’m afraid that he is going to have to be just as bewildered as I was. Perhaps, for him, it will be a comfort to know that his mother didn’t really understand it either.

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Anonymous said...

As a mom of a biological child awaiting for our referral from Korea - I think sometimes racism is the pink elephant in the middle of the room - I need to acknowledge more.