Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Beware the Flat Face

We really can’t deny it. There is a rare Korean face that isn’t also a flat face. When I was little, I was fascinated with the way my parents’ noses stuck out farther than mine. I didn’t understand why I had such a little nose and my parents had such big noses (relatively speaking). Anyhow, I was looking at my son through the rear view mirror on the way home from daycare and I had to laugh. This is what I came up with while I drove:

1. My suggestion to all Koreans is that we not try the profile shot. It might seem like a glamorous pose, but a profile shot just proves that we have a flat face.

2. Avoid Eskimo Kisses! My mother taught my son about Eskimo kisses – that’s when you rub noses together to show affection. My son has the flat Asian face so when he goes to rub noses, his forehead usually connects first. Ouch! It’s worse when he tries to give me an Eskimo kiss. We just end up trying to knock each other unconscious.

3. Give up on the glasses. We are doomed to have our glasses ride on the tip of our noses so that we look like school teachers getting ready to discipline their students. While Caucasian people have that nice bridge that holds the glasses up near the eyes…we are doomed to a slippery slope.

I’m sure there are more, but my brain is not at its best when I’m listening to a two year tell me about his day over the sound of the Wiggles strumming their guitars. I’m lucky I had any adult thoughts at all.


Cynthia said...

My suggestions for the glasses...find an optician you really like and who is good at their job. My son has been wearing glasses since we was 1 month old, and we have become friends with the optician we purchased his glasses from. I think it comes from us going in so frequently to get his glasses adjusted. Also, silicone nose pads are pretty sticky, so they help glass stay put.

Anonymous said...

Ah, glasses have been riding down my nose since I got them at age 13. While I am Caucasian, I have what one optometrist called "a ski slope." Just the perfect shape for everything to fall down.

As for the profile, I rather like my daughter's profile. It is so absolutely cute to see her chubby cheeks and rosebud lips in profile. Doesn't matter that she has a "flat face."

Mo said...

Hmmm. I'm not sure people are reading this as I intended. Perhaps because it's parents reading this and not other KADs? I have absolutely nothing against my face (though true side shots are often pretty flat - due to the fact that I lost my chubby cheeks pretty early in life). There are things that people make fun of when you look different and one of the ways that I've learned to cope is to recognize when things are really funny.

Anonymous said...

you should be happy of your flat face, they are very beautiful.

indie.chic said...

haha this post absolutely cracked me up. My profile shot looks hideous! Also when I'm cleaning I find myself cringing my nose to try and lift those glasses up so I can actually see things clearly. But yes I gave up on them a long time ago and got contacts instead. LOL kudos for this post!