Monday, July 17, 2006

Cloud Peaks

Have you ever noticed how beautiful the world is from the window of an airplane? I love airplanes. I’m not sure if it’s because the pinnacle of my adoption story is the long flight from South Korea to the United States or if it’s just because I like to fly, but I enjoy being in an airplane.

I am absolutely petrified of heights and falling, but airplanes are different. I’ve never felt that out of control feeling that I have when I’m on a bridge or looking down from the tenth floor of my hotel. When you’re high enough up, everything is beautiful. What looks like chaos from the ground, looks perfect and clean from the air – miles and miles of green and brown geometric shapes broken up by brilliant blue.

As we get higher, you see clouds. I love it when the clouds are below you and they look like a mountain range with snow covered peaks. When the sun is high, you see the glow of red and orange on the peaks. It looks like you should be able to step right out of the airplane and walk through the snow.

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