Friday, June 23, 2006

Arrival Day

Yesterday was my son's Arrival Day. He arrived two years ago. I can't believe that two years have gone by.

We let him pick dinner last night. He chose pizza and then we watched the new Herbie movie. He loves cars.

Today, we took him to the zoo as his celebration. At first I didn't think he was having any fun, but it turns out we just weren't going to the right places. He loved the fish in the aquarium. We had to stop at each tank so that he could "ooo" and "ahh" at the fish. Then we went to see the gorillas and other primates - all were simply monkeys to my son, but he loved them.

Next year, we will be able to explain the importance of the day to him, but this year he just had fun. Arrival Days were important in my family. When my son was coming, we thought about what we were going to celebrate (Arrival Day, Adoption Day, Birthday...). We decided that birthdays were pretty special because you are a whole year older. I always celebrated Arrival Day with my parents and it's a pretty special day too - the first day your a family - so we decided to celebrate this by doing special family things on Arrival Day. Adoption Day wasn't a big deal for me and my husband. We became legal, but it didn't really change the whole dynamics of our household.

Besides, my son has two special days (when most children only have one) - how many do you really need?


LTTB said...

Hey MO- What are your thoughts on the word usage of Gotcha Day? I mean gotcha to me just says I got ya today and you are here forever. But I do agree with arrival day but it sounds so much more formal. Just interesting syntax and stuff.

Mo said...

Good question...I responded on a new post (6/25/06).