Sunday, May 16, 2010

Anything is Possible

My family went to a University of Michigan baseball game today and it served to remind me of the power of positive thinking. Michigan was down 0-14 and the game had hardly started. The odds looked terrible. Our first Michigan baseball game and it looked like we would go home disappointed.

Little by little, Michigan's score started to increase and the other team's score stayed at 14. By the seventh inning, you could see the question in people's eyes. Could they do it? In the ninth inning, Michigan tied the game 14-14 and the impossible had just become possible. A home run hit in the tenth inning and Michigan wins 15-14.

No this has nothing to do with adoption, but it served as a reminder to me that anything is possible. I hope that I can hold onto this game and, when things are taking a turn for the worst, I can use this game as a catalyst to drive me forward. I wonder what was said to the Michigan players when the score was 0-14? It must have been inspiring. For my part, I will just remind myself that 0-14 can become 15-14, even if you have to wait until the last inning.


Margie said...

Made me smile :) You're a wise person, Mo. Thanks for this.

Laura said...

I love this.